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Devil's Foot Beverage Company |

Farm-To-Can Craft Soda

We pride ourselves on working with Organic Roots & Fruits to create a healthier, more flavorful non-alcoholic experience for everyone in our communities.

Fresh Organic Ginger Root? Check.
Fresh-Squeezed Organic Fruit Juice? You got it.
Organic Cane Sugar and Honey? Yep, and not too much.

Freshness To Your Doorstep

Our All-Natural, Low-Sugar “Un-Soda” will be your new favorite drink the
moment it hits your lips, so grab one and see for yourself!

Brewing Local & Global Grooves

Carry Our Products

Interested in carrying us? We currently have statewide distribution in North Carolina, South Carolina, & Alabama - and are always expanding! Feel free to reach out and we’ll get back soon!