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Farm-To-Can Craft Soda

We pride ourselves on working with Organic Roots & Fruits to create a healthier, more flavorful non-alcoholic experience for everyone in our communities.


A New Kind of Canned Cocktail

Ever wonder what a Ready-to-Drink Cocktail would taste like using all-natural, fresh fruits & roots? Wonder no more, because you’ve found them!


The Mule, the Devil's Foot Tasting Room is a full-service bar and private event space in open in Biltmore Village! Now serving draft soda, beer, & wine - as well as delicious cocktails & mocktails featuring Devil's Foot craft sodas and house-made tonic.

Music to your Tastebuds!

Our All-Natural, Low-Sugar beverages will be your new favorite drink the moment it hits your lips, so grab one and see for yourself!

Sip on your favorite local drink and tune in to our groove.

Carry Our Products

Interested in carrying us? We currently have statewide distribution in the Carolinas, Georgia, and the greater Nashville area - and are always expanding!  Feel free to reach out and we’ll get back soon!

Local to Asheville and eager to carry us? Email [email protected] and we'll be sure to respond post haste!