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Devil’s Foot Beverage Company Brings New Tastes To Asheville

You ease your troubles when life’s the bubbles… Have you ever had an occasion where you wanted to go out and have a nice drink without consuming loads of sugars?

The power team of Benjamin and Vashti Colvin, Jacob Baumann, Aaron Wilson and Carly Reese set out to solve this equation: how to create a healthy alternative to alcohol and sugary artificial sodas. Devil’s Foot was created in an effort to provide delicious drinks for cocktails, families, expectant mothers or adults who don’t drink or want a break from drinking and still want to enjoy fresh bubbles. They are working to make “natural flavors” a thing of the past, setting industry standards by labeling every ingredient clearly and boldly! Benjamin was kind enough to share his thoughts with us in a recent interview.

What made you decide to create non-alcoholic beverages in such a brewery-rich town?

We all know and love beer brewer friends in Asheville—heck, one of our owners is still one!—and we love the creativity of our beer community. Two events collided to spark Devil’s Foot. One, we were hobby brewing cocktail mixers and loving the results and the fun, and two, my pregnant wife was constantly given the limited choice of drinking tap water or overly sugary and artificial sodas when we would go out on the town. I thought she deserved better. In Beer City, we decided we wanted to build on that craft ingenuity but expand the spectrum and push the edges of the industry. Devil’s Foot grew out of the drive to replace high-fructose, artificially flavored drinks with affordable, accessible, farm-to-can beverages. And instead of taking valuable tap lines for kegs or bottling in glass, we package in cans to distribute widely.

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