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ASHEVILLE — Ben Colvin isn’t here to compete with tap handles like his brewer friends in Asheville.

He’d rather his new line of canned beverages complement them, all while stealing refrigerator space from more sugary soda brands.

“This is where craft beer was 15 years ago,” said Colvin, co-founder of Asheville-based Devil’s Foot Beverage Co. “It’s where people started moving away from the bigger brands of beer because they wanted craft brews. They wanted something that was made a little better and a connection with the brewery. “That’s really where we see ourselves.”

Colvin, a longtime local conservationist, recently with Wild Forests and Fauna, transitioned out of his job in 2017 to launch Devil’s Foot with local musician Jacob Baumann and others. The North Asheville-based company brews a half-dozen “farm-to-can” nonalcoholic drinks and sparking waters ranging from its signature Ginger Beer to Future’s So Bright Sparkling Lemonade and Lime Aid.

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