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Y’all! This recipe – created by none other than the mighty Paul Cressend here in Asheville, NC – is one you’re going to want make over & over again!

Hickory Nut Gap skirt steak marinated in Devil’s Foot Limeade and Ginger Beer? YES, please! This fajita riff will knock your socks off. Avoid the bogus and seek the most outstanding in life!

****You can grill the meat or sear in a skillet****

1. Marinate the Skirt Steak for 2 hours in Sparkling Limeade and Ginger Beer, cilantro and season liberally with Salt, Pepper, Cumin, and Chili Powder on both sides beforehand. Use enough soda just to cover the meat in whatever bowls, plastic containers or food storage bags you are using.
2. Slice Onions and Bell Peppers plus any other veggies you want….Squash, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Jalapeños, etc…  and set aside for later.
3. Pat meat dry with paper towels. I found that re-seasoning with a good amount of Salt and Pepper right before grilling is a good idea – it really makes those flavors pop! (because some of the Salt & Pepper will drip off during the grilling process)
4. Grill (or Sear) 3-3½ minutes on each side for Medium Rare, when the meat is about 3/4 inch – 1 inch thick.
5. Rest. ****Always let meat rest for 5-10 minutes after you take it off the heat!!!**** In the meantime, while the meat is resting….
6. Add in a tablespoon of oil and allow the veggies to sauté in a hot pan or cast iron skillet. Deglaze the pan (adding liquid when the veggies are just about done cooking into the same pan) with a few tablespoons of the leftover marinade. ****I love the little bits of the charred marinade to coat the peppers and onions! However, this is optional.**** Make sure to season them with a salt and pepper. Adding dried oregano really helps to elevate the flavors, too!
7. And don’t forget – Lime wedges, cut with a good amount of Cilantro for garnish.
8. Slice the Beef against the grain and EAT!!! EAT!!! EAT!!!


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